What is adagnit.io?

Adagnit.io is a state of the art dynamic ad serving solution by Epic Combo Marketing Agency.

What does adagnit.io do?

We help brands to enhance their users experience when encountering their advertisements. With showing the most relevant products, watching out not to be repetitive and only target users that might be interested.

How does adagnit.io do that?

We collect and use anonymous, aggregated data relating to browsing behaviors and generic user patterns to display better advertisements.

What does adagnit.io do NOT do?

Great question: we do NOT collect, store, or use any personal information. We do not know who you are and we intend to keep it this way for two main reasons:

We respect your privacy

We need no personal information to do what we do

Do you track me now?

How can I turn it off?

You can disable the tracking and targeting here.

Before you do please understand the following:

Opting out does not mean there will be no ads served to you by Epic Combo Ltd. or anybody else. It means Epic Combo and Adagnit.io will no longer tailor the experience that we think best suits you including types of products or services in the advertisements, frequency of them etc. In a nutshell: your ads on sites you visit will suck more. Most of your favorite websites are making a living of advertisements and the decrease in quality means they get less money.

What can I do besides opt-out?

You can use the little blue icons in the corners of ads called AdChoices and give the advertisers feedback. Sending signals to adagnit.io that it made a mistake, will make it try harder to become relevant to you.

Where can I read more about this?